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Qnautic is run by third and fourth-generation Dutch shipbuilders.

The roots of the company can be traced back to 1935, when the first generation of the family started building small sailing yachts and boats for the commercial shipping industry.

The second generation continued the family business, eventually founding Minerva Shipyard in Amsterdam. This yard specialised in the building and servicing of commercial vessels such as freighters, tankers and special dredgers.

The third generation of the family expanded the building and servicing activities with trading in a wide variety of commercial vessels, super freezer trawlers, tug boats, fast support vessels and other special crafts.

Qnautic Q39 action on water
Qnautic Q39 control

Setting new standards

Building yachts and tenders of unprecedented quality

In 2003, a new company was founded to specialise in the design, building and operating of aluminium catamarans for the transport of crew and technicians for the offshore wind industry. All vessels are built in the Netherlands in compliance with the highest classification and industry standards and according to inhouse designs. With 45 vessels operating offshore 24/7, the company is European market leader in the field of offshore crew transfer vessels.

Building on this professional heritage and DNA, Qnautic provides yachts and tenders of unprecedented quality, setting new standards in the yachtbuilding industry.

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